Henna Räisänen

Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

Henna is an internationally experienced organizational development professional and coach with broad experience in planning, facilitating and leading various size organizational transformations and developing respective leadership capabilities.

Henna views organizations as complex adaptive systems, in which right combination of central coherence and local relevance will not only result in desired performance and resilience, but also increases the sense of belonging, purpose and drive in its people. Organizations as living systems are in constant state of fluctuation, which require regular, holistic attention and sensitivity from its leaders to be able to lead properly.

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Since 2007 Henna has been working as a consultant, helping companies in planning and implementing their organizational transformations and related capability strategies. Prior to 2007, Henna worked at Nokia Corporation, where she, during her nine years’ career, held various head of business HR positions with global, regional and country level span of authority. During this time, she led and set the direction of respective HR functions and teams, planned and led organizational transformation projects with business leaders, and was a member of various corporate level task forces. Henna’s last task in Nokia in 2006 was the HR lead role in the Nokia Siemens Networks transition project for greater China region, where she was responsible of the smooth and timely transfer of approximately 3000 Nokia employees to the newly formed company, NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks).



Henna is originally from Finland, and she holds M.Sc. degree in Economics and Business Administration from Finland. She has also carried out Bachelor level studies in Law, and is enthusiastic learner of foreign languages and new cultures.

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